2024 Demo Dungeon

The demos being performed at the Atlantic sex show throughout the weekend are performed by skilled local volunteers and are for viewing only.

We will have assigned volunteers available to answer your questions during the demos, and you’re also welcome to ask any of our volunteers questions before or after. The audience will not be permitted to participate in the demos in any capacity.

This is not an open play space, but rather a place to learn, ask questions, and enjoy all the tantalizing sights we have in store for you.


Do not touch anything or anyone without consent

No inappropriate touching of others or yourself

You may be asked to leave the area at anytime

No photos

Do not cross the rope/line

Do not speak vulgarly to volunteers/guests

Do not use the toys on each other

Do feel free to ask the volunteers at our toy table questions about what you see

Live Demonstrations

Here’s a taste of what you can expect to see in the Demo Dungeon throughout the weekend!


For those curious about what lies beyond a quick slap on the ass during sex, you may leave this impact demo with an expanded point of view. Prepare to hear squeals of delight, surprise, and pain as we show you how a variety of implements can be used to beat a bottom (consensually, of course).


From rhythmic, soft, and sensual, to stingy and sharp, flogging is an art form. The way a flogger is wielded will provide a myriad of sensations and reactions from a willing bottom. Come watch as these beautiful implements dance and sing over a human canvas, and learn more.


Rope bondage is one of the most known, and least understood, art forms in kink. From expressing connection and emotion to bedroom bondage to suspension and torture rope, there are a thousand ways to explore rope!

A floor work demo will show you how rope can be used to decorate the human body in various ways.

A rope suspension demo will show you a variety of techniques and ways to create beautiful shapes and experiences in the air.

A self-tie demonstration will show you ways rope can be used to both ground and challenge the body in solo play.


One of the types of play with the widest of ranges, electro-play can be soft, sensual, and tingly, or it can provide a broad spectrum of pain sensations. From burning to zapping to cutting sensations, a good electrical kit can provide it all. Come watch and learn the differences in the various tools and implements we have in our kits.


The art of decorative piercing is a demonstration of trust and collaboration between artist and model, using the body as a canvas to bring an idea to life. This demo will involve real needles on a live person, so please be mindful of this if you plan to attend.

Play involving needles is high risk and should not be attempted without proper training and experience. Those involved in this demonstration are trained professional piercers.


Sensation play is all about bringing the body and senses to life. From soft, sensual materials dragged over the body to fingernails or other pointy tools drug along the skin, watch as we make our bottoms squirm and squeal.


Love a skin-tight fit? We’ve got latex as tight as it’ll go with the vacuum bed and cube. Come get a good look at our lovely bottoms getting vacuumed up and hear them giggle through the different sensations of being squeezed in and teased!


Looking to heat things up? Gather around and watch our lovely bottoms as they are lit on fire! Both relaxing and visually stunning, our dazzling demos of incandescence are sure to warm up even the coldest winter day.